Caffeine and the Heart: A New Study

There’s been some new research done on the way caffeine impacts heart health. The folks over at UC San-Fransisco have been studying heart health, extra heart beats, and the ways our diet can affect us. It seems caffeine may not have some of the negative side effects we’d all come to assume.

We at Useless Bay Coffee are quite pleased to hear this. Let’s hope there’s further study!

From the article:

“Sixty-one percent of the participants consumed more than one of the caffeinated products a day. Those who consumed higher amounts of the products didn’t have extra heartbeats, the study found.”

Full article here:

The Tribune

Why you shouldn’t give up coffee in the New Year

One of the many reasons to drink coffee:

Premature death

A review of studies found that those who drank the most coffee had a 14 per cent lower risk of dying prematurely than those who drank the least. Drinking just one to two cups a day translated as an 8 per cent lower risk of a premature death.

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