Caffeine and the Heart: A New Study

There’s been some new research done on the way caffeine impacts heart health. The folks over at UC San-Fransisco have been studying heart health, extra heart beats, and the ways our diet can affect us. It seems caffeine may not have some of the negative side effects we’d all come to assume.

We at Useless Bay Coffee are quite pleased to hear this. Let’s hope there’s further study!

From the article:

“Sixty-one percent of the participants consumed more than one of the caffeinated products a day. Those who consumed higher amounts of the products didn’t have extra heartbeats, the study found.”

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The Tribune

The New Flavor Wheel

Think you’re a real connoisseur of artisan coffee? If you don’t know about the Flavor Wheel, you might want to think again! We here at Useless Bay Coffee Company like to keep an eye on what’s happening in the coffee world, and thought we’d share this with our customers. From an article on The Smithsonian:

“It’s called the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel, and it’s the brainchild of coffee researchers and the Specialty Coffee Association of America, which announced the new wheel this week. The wheel is similar to the aroma wheels used by oenophiles to describe the fragrances of wine. Like wine, coffee beans reflect a particular “terroir,” or aspects of growing climate, and the ways in which they are roasted can bring out different flavor profiles ranging from bitter to sweet.”

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Why you shouldn’t give up coffee in the New Year

One of the many reasons to drink coffee:

Premature death

A review of studies found that those who drank the most coffee had a 14 per cent lower risk of dying prematurely than those who drank the least. Drinking just one to two cups a day translated as an 8 per cent lower risk of a premature death.

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Live Music and Events at UBCC

Langley is a great place to visit for anyone who loves good food, drink, art, music, drama, and much more. Each year, we host our own activities as well as partner with other community programs.

Our outdoor stage, lovingly referred to as the Useless Shed, has been graced by the presence of many talented people. All throughout the year we host a variety of musicians throughout the week, as well as all day events during Choochokam and Djangofest.

You can find out more about Langley events and festivals on the Langley Chamber of Commerce website. All performers are welcome and appreciated by our loyal patrons and visitors to the Island. If you would like to perform here please contact us.

Check our facebook page for regular updates of live music and other events at UBCC.

Some Local News and Press

Renown northwest garden author and blogger Valerie Easton took a stroll through our gardens and while enjoying her cappuccino and had plenty to say. We’re not sure if it was a single or a double shot. See what she saw here.

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Our pride and joy, former UBCC Barista Randall Leese, and his brother Andrew Leese are riding around the globe on their bicycles to raise awareness and money for orphans in India. No one pours their heart out like Randy on bar or on the road.

Join the cause, Click here to learn more

Every year the streets of Langley are filled with Djazz. We are privelaged to have hosted many talented and kind spirited musical travelers. Django Fest NW is a summer mecca for all who worship Django Reinhart as well as those who worship the worshipers.

Find out about it here

For fine lodging look no further than our neighbor and supporter the Inn at Langley. The best part is you’ll wake up in comfort with a cup of Useless Bay Coffee!

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